Nimbuzz for PC

What is Nimbuzz

"Nimbuzz is a messaging application available for PC"

Nimbuzz is a messaging application available for the smartphone and mobile more common such as iPhone, Smartphone with Android and Windows Phone. But unlike other apps messaging has versions for Symbian, Blackberry, Java-enabled devices and kindle Fire, in addition to dispose with a version of Nimbuzz for PC for desktop computers with Windows operating system. We can also download the version of Nimbuzz for PC for computers in the mark of the apple, the Mac.

This application can also be installed along with other apps in your iPad.

Apps on Mac or apps for iPad

Nimbuzz Messenger

Nimbuzz Messenger allows us to make free calls, use the messaging options, upload and share images, and maintaining contact with all your friends from the same application. Nimbuzz for PC also allows us to make video calls, use the service of NimbuzzOut that through credits will allow us to make calls at reduced costs to any phone number. Another of the features is the access to the service N-world from the same application that enables us to purchase add-ons, games, gadgets and virtual avatars.

Nimbuzz Messenger available for multiple platforms and devices

For all those users who are wondering what is Nimbuzz, we can say that Nimbuzz is one of the messaging applications more complete due to its great compatibility with numerous platforms and mobile devices. This availability along with their full Nimbuzz features make a very interesting option.