Nimbuzz for PC

Features Nimbuzz for PC or Smartphone

"Features of Nimbuzz for PC or Smartphone: we tell you the main functions and Nimbuzz complements"

Among the features we offer developers find NimbuzzOut Nimbuzz or N-world, along with other options such as add contacts from social networks and other services such as Facebook, Yahoo, or Google Talk, in addition to the functions of chat or video calls.

The own NimbuzzOut service call

NimbuzzOut is a calling service that we offer through Nimbuzz with some reduced rates. NimbuzzOut is available for iPhone, Symbian and Android. To make calls through this function is necessary to buy credits NimbuzzOut. NimbuzzOut also is available for PC and Mac.

N-world in Nimbuzz for PC

N-world is a service that is offered through the messaging application Nimbuzz. N-World allows us to get or buy virtual items such as avatars, robots, games, apps among others. This service is available for the iPhone, Android, Symbian, Mac and PC systems with Windows desktop.

N-World Nimbuzz for PC

Video calls with Nimbuzz

Among the services most claimed by many users find the option to make video calls. This feature is available for users of Nimbuzz with governed by IOS devices and PC desktop.

These functions must be added the possibility to add contacts from the lists of services like Facebook, Google Talk or Yahoo, feature highly valued by many users.